From sci-fi legend Gerry Anderson (Space 1999, Thunderbirds, UFO), this special-effects-filled series chronicles the adventures of two cops from Earth battling a rogue’s gallery of alien criminals in the year 2040. Transferred from the mean streets of New York City to a teeming alien planet halfway across the galaxy, veteran police detective Patrick Brogan (Ted Shackelford, Dallas) and his rookie partner (Rob Youngblood, NYPD Blue, Sliders) struggle to adapt to their exotic new beat. Tangling with otherworldly outlaws in one deadly close encounter after another, the officers fight to bring intergalactic law and order to a mind-bending realm where the bad guy’s aren’t just bad… they aren’t even human!

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DVD Lead Story on Huffington Post. Not bad at all...


By Michael Giltz

SPACE PRECINCT: THE COMPLETE SERIES ($49.98; Image) -- Just in case you were wondering, critics don't have an encyclopedic history of all pop culture lodged into their brains. I know Gerry Anderson as the creator behind puppet-driven iconic TV series like Thunderbirds (from the 1960s) and the live action Space: 1999 from the 1970s, which was his last hurrah, in my mind. I wasn't even sure if he was still alive. So when Space Precinct arrives, I pop it in thinking this cops in space show was from the same era; certainly the hair and the performances confirmed that. And my God, it looks like the missing link between the squeaky clean space operas of Buck Rogers and the gritty dystopian future of Blade Runner. Was Space Precinct a heretofore uncelebrated influence on that Ridley Scott film? Clearly the vision of the future seems similar, from the cityscapes to the flying cop cars covered in dirt and grime. Maybe Scott had mentioned the show in one of his commentary tracks and I just missed it? Uh no. Turns out Space Precinct aired its 22 episodes in 1994-1995, so in fact it joins the long list of movies, tv shows and books influenced BY Blade Runner, rather than the other way around. The mix of humans and aliens and Anderson's typical model work is fine, but this is too serious for little kids and too simple-minded for anyone other than hardcore fans. The transfers are clean and nice, however so if you are a fan you should be happy.


"A welcomed event" as it were...

Home Theater Forum gives Space Precinct 3 Stars. Says HTR review Neil Middlemiss, "Space Precinct has fervent fans and this release will be a welcomed event. Though short-lived, this British science-fiction series from the legendary creator of Space: 1999, Thunderbirds, and UFO, sought to meld the miniature visual effects style notorious in Gerry Anderson productions, with accessible morality tales and defined notions of good versus evil."

Meanwhile, across the galaxy somewhere, Gerry Anderson's series Space 1999 is makes its Blu-ray debut...just ask the Cleveland Plain Dealer what's going on!

A whole lot of Gerry in the air.


Happy Street Date!

Happy Street Date!

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Possibly redundant to mention this--seeing that we posted it HERE the other day, but it is a wee bit exciting to see our press release at Home Theater Forum.



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October 18, 2010

“For 20 years I was in the NYPD. Now? Well, let’s just say I transferred to another precinct”


GERRY ANDERSON’S SPACE PRECINCT: The Complete Series Landing on DVD and Digital Download November 23 CHATSWORTH, CA – Welcome to Demeter City. It has all the “qualities” of a modern city: population crowding, traffic problems, a soaring crime rate. It is also half way across the galaxy. On November 23 Image Entertainment presents sci-fi legend Gerry Anderson’s (“Space 1999,” “Thunderbirds,” “UFO”) Space Precinct: The Complete Series -- the chronicles of two cops battling the cosmic criminals that menace their new world. Gerry Anderson, a holder of the M.B.E. (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for his services to Animation, displays his unique talents here, with the use of complex make-up techniques, special effects and puppetry. Alien offenders never looked so real!

This 5-DVD set presents all 24 episodes of the series, and will be available at an SRP of $49.98 and will also be available via digital download. Pre-book is October 26th.

Lieutenant Patrick Brogan (Ted Shackelford – “Dallas”, “Dirty Sexy Money”), a veteran of New York’s mean streets, and his rookie partner Officer Jack Haldane (Rob Youngblood – “NYPD Blue”, “Sliders”) have a new beat. They have been transferred to the planet Altor, where it is their job to protect the law-abiding citizens of Demeter City. Lost amongst planetary felons, galactic gangs…all the debris of criminal constellations…it is their job to investigate crimes committed by aliens as well as humans.

Also starring Simone Bendix (“The Inspector Lynley Mysteries”) and Jerome Willis (Perfume: The Story of a Murderer), and with directors such as John Glen (For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, A View to a Kill) and Sidney Hayers (“Magnum P.I.”, “Remington Steele”, “The A Team”) at the helm, Space Precinct is a thrilling, otherworldly ride through an unruly universe.

Space Precinct is a high-speed, mind-bending journey into inter-galactic realms – the adventures of men who have crossed light-years to uphold the law! The Space Precinct DVD will be available prior to the Syfy Channel marathon from November 30th through December 1st. For more information, check out, featuring over 500 never-before-seen behind the scenes photos from the making of the series, along with complete episode guides with full cast & crew, as well as breaking news about the series and links to all things Gerry Anderson.

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Space Precinct: The Complete Series DVD

Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Television, Crime/Criminals

Rating: Not Rated

Languages: English

Format: 1.33 Aspect Ratio

Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

Year: 1995

SRP: $49.98

Street Date: November 23, 2010

Pre-Book: October 26, 2010

Length: 1063 minutes

UPC: 014381675429

Cat#: REH6754DVD