From sci-fi legend Gerry Anderson (Space 1999, Thunderbirds, UFO), this special-effects-filled series chronicles the adventures of two cops from Earth battling a rogue’s gallery of alien criminals in the year 2040. Transferred from the mean streets of New York City to a teeming alien planet halfway across the galaxy, veteran police detective Patrick Brogan (Ted Shackelford, Dallas) and his rookie partner (Rob Youngblood, NYPD Blue, Sliders) struggle to adapt to their exotic new beat. Tangling with otherworldly outlaws in one deadly close encounter after another, the officers fight to bring intergalactic law and order to a mind-bending realm where the bad guy’s aren’t just bad… they aren’t even human!

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"A welcomed event" as it were...

Home Theater Forum gives Space Precinct 3 Stars. Says HTR review Neil Middlemiss, "Space Precinct has fervent fans and this release will be a welcomed event. Though short-lived, this British science-fiction series from the legendary creator of Space: 1999, Thunderbirds, and UFO, sought to meld the miniature visual effects style notorious in Gerry Anderson productions, with accessible morality tales and defined notions of good versus evil."

Meanwhile, across the galaxy somewhere, Gerry Anderson's series Space 1999 is makes its Blu-ray debut...just ask the Cleveland Plain Dealer what's going on!

A whole lot of Gerry in the air.


Happy Street Date!

Happy Street Date!

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FANderson Convention 

FANderson, The Official Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society is having a convention in Bristol, October 22-24, 2010.

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Our First Amazon Customer Review

Happy to discover that an Amazon customer has already posted her review of the series. Since we've still got a little time since the DVD set is available, this review was obviously written from fond memory of the show.

We'd like to say "Thanks!" for the 5 stars, Ms. F. Dickson!

We think you did a great job of summing up the spirit and fun of the show. Bonus points for including the phrase "alien blind dates with unexpected biology."




Photo Galleries Coming

When we started putting together this website to support our upcoming 11/23/10 U.S. DVD and digital release of the complete Space Precinct TV series, we weren't quite sure what assets we'd  be able to find. After all, the series was shot in 1994-95, before digital cameras had come into common use and cell phones were in their infancy (i.e. nowhere close to having a built-in camera feature.) 

We were weighing our content options, when we had to good fortune to make the acquaintance of Ralph Titterton--a fan & friend of Gerry Anderson--who graciously offered to lend us his photo archive of behind-the-scenes photographs from the making of Space Precinct.  And boy, what a collection! Ralph personally shot hundreds upon hundreds of photos, and has shared some of the best with us, including his personal notes about the production and the photos. 

Photos, we should add, that he had to scan individually to turn them into digital files and send in dozens of "Your Mailbox Has Exceeded Its Size Limit" batches to that we could share them with you. A tremendous amount of work, but a labor of love. 

We're posting the photo galleries as quickly as we can, so stay tuned!